I want a Heart like Yours

My heart is deceitful,
You told me this truthfully.
Because my lips say send me,
When my heart is stone cold in its way.
Yes, I have compassion for the masses,
But when I’m face to face I’m lacking.
My patience wears thin,
And my eyes are black with disgust
at this world around me so full of hate.
I want them to know you,
Then am overcome with my self-righteousness.
I feel so disconnected from the world,
But Christ came right into the middle of it.
You were friend of sinners,
Teach me your love.
Make your move through me Lord-
Send my feet to the lost,
Reach out my hands to the needy,
Mold my heart into one like Yours.

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Have you ever experienced this?

Have you ever experienced this? After laboring in prayer over a decision, you finally take the leap. Knowing that alas, no audible voice from the Lord is coming. Simply His steady reassurance of the words “trust Me”. The Lord wants us to trust Him. With our lives. Sure this is easy enough to say, but when it comes to the important decisions of colleges, careers, where to live and marriage- that is when trusting God seems to be a grey area. The thing is, God still calls us to make decisions. It is the way He designed His people. He created intelligent creatures to be able to function making decisions in light of what we know of God. This statement would suggest that we should know the maker of the universe. I would agree. So back to my original question, have you ever been at a cross roads? Where either decision could potentially change your life? Or perhaps one decision could change your life but either decision would be honoring before the Lord? After finally taking the leap and walking out in faith- you hold your breathe. Fervently praying that this decision would be one that would bring glory to the Father. Have you ever experienced this? Confirmation. I feel as though I am in a season of blessing. God has been confirming and reaffirming the decision I made. I cannot rightly express my joy in seeing God work in this way. He doesn’t always work this way, He doesn’t even have to. But sometimes, He chooses to. And right now, He is lavishing His love. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father. What a wonderful Daddy He is! He is both master and Lord over my life, and my Father who will hold my hand and comfort me as a father should. Have you ever experienced this? Because it is out of this world amazing. Thank you Father, for choosing to lavish Your love on me in this way ❤

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Change. It is a simple six letter word; simple, easy to say. It is a word that floats out of our mouths quite frequently. Change. We think about it, we see it in other peoples lives, some love it while others hate it and still others cower in fear. Change. It is a six letter word full of meaning and assumptions- it is an occurence in life that is completely unavoidable. In fact change is innevitable. It is guaranteed that as you live day to day in this crazy world filled with ups and downs alike, every soul will encounter change.

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Waves of Life

Lord teach my heart,
To stay on You.
When the waves of life,
Keep rolling by-
They never seem to stop.
The waves keep crashing,
No time to breathe,
Just hold my breath
As another rolls by.

My God You are here!
You hold my hand tightly,
Lifting me to the surface,
What beauty I see-
Looking through Your eyes.
The storm is not a storm at all.
Simply the steady movement,
Of this gift called life.
Yes the waves keep thundering,
But I get to choose the ones I ride.

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Rejoicing in Triumph!

I have been learning something so simple, yet ground breaking here at Bible college. It just about knocked me on my butt when I realized the truth of what my teacher spoke. It was like, I must have heard this message before, but if I have, I never understood its depth nor clung to its truth. This is what I have been learning: I no longer need to be a slave to my sin. I don’t have to go on in my struggles forever. There will always be struggles, but what I am going through- whatever struggle whether it be selfishness, pride, arrogance, lust, depression- I am not in bondage to that. Christ has set me free. When He died on that cross for me, and I accepted Him, I died to my old life. That doesn’t mean I’m struggle free- heck even Jesus was tempted. But I do not need to bow to those sins in my life. Let me tell you- if anyone is even reading this- I am in a season of victory. Me and God, we’ve been going to battle this past month to battle some nasty temptations and struggles. And you know what? I’ve been conquering those temptations with constant prayer and time in His Word. Praise God!! How awesome is our King!? He really does give freedom! I do not ever have to feel in bondage to sin because God has SET ME FREE! I wish I could accurately write about the inexpressible joy that lives inside of me giving me freedom. He is so GOOD! No, this Christian life isn’t easy. But He never promised it would be, He just promised that through it all He would be right beside me- and that my dear friends, is everything.

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How do I rest in You?

Teach me how to rest in you,
To lean on you when I feel I’m drowning.
God I am crying out!
I am grasping at the wind,
Where is your face?
Are you far from me my God,
or is it my heart that is drifting?
I long to see your face my Lord.
God my life is in your hands,
Won’t you lead me on?
Please direct my path,
Because God I am sinking-
In a world who demands to know.
With every move I make,
They want to know three more.
God can you hear me?
My heart is screaming to you!
Be near to me I beg,
Teach me how to rest.
What does it mean to rest in you?
To stop fretting,
to grab onto the life preserver you offer?
Lord hold onto me as I sink!
Deep in the depths of the ocean I’d be,
if you were not by my side.
Permit me I ask though I am a woman of unclean lips,
to lean heavy on you.
God can you just carry me, Father?
Abba, I feel overwhelmed,
How do I trust you?
When I just want to sit and drown,
In this sea of complicity.
My lungs fill with water,
As I try to do this on my own.
You remind me to take one day at a time,
So God here I am-
Will you be my rest in the wilderness?
Please fill my heart,
Only with you, my God.

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You are my all, Lord

Lord teach my heart,
I am prone to wonder God,
From your steadfastness,
to walk away from your truth.
What do I search for?
What could I find,
That would ever fulfill this heart of mine?
Nothing but you Jesus,
could satisfy my soul.
You are my sustainer,
My light in the midst of darkness.
You are my shining star,
My comforter in deep sorrow,
And my joy in great gladness.
Restore in me a heart of thankfulness.

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