A struggle for modesty: From the perspective of a teen.

 This whole modesty thing is a big deal to me. I want to honor my God with the way I dress, the way I talk, everything. There are a lot of pressures from the world to dress immodestly. I go to a clothing store and most shirts are sized too small, so I feel fat to buy the larger size. Shirts are now made short in the front so its important to go the extra mile to remember an under top. Jeans are tight, and when i buy jeans that aren’t I feel out of place among my peers. A note to all those girls struggling; real godly guys will appreciate it if you dress modestly. It gives them an opportunity to have a better relationship with you. And they will see that you are making the effort when most girls give in to this sinful world. Stand with me, although far from perfect, striving for modesty in every part of my life. When I see other girls striving for modesty it inspires me to do better. It motivates me. It encourages me. Keep fighting the good fight.


About kayms2013

I'm passionate about God, and hope to travel with a purpose of helping missionaries and possibly becoming one some day.
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