The future

It is hard to believe that my last year has finally come. I have always felt so ready for this moment, but now that it is here i feel at a lose for words. I have so many dreams, so many paths that I could take.  I thought that I would make new friends, ‘better’ friends this year. But then I realized that I cherish the friendships already made so much, that all I need to do is spend more time with them. Make memories, act silly, have fun! I intend to excel in all my courses this year, I am going to  work hard for good marks, and become closer with my friends, i’m not going to get too hung up in my after-school job. I am going to be involved in the school! Doing cross country for the first time! And rugby when it starts. I might even do track and field! The opportunities are endless. My advice to all the seniors out there; get involved! Make friends! Excel in everything that you can. Its the last year that life will ever be the way it’s been for the past 12 years. What does God have in store for me next year? I can’t wait to find out. =)


About kayms2013

I'm passionate about God, and hope to travel with a purpose of helping missionaries and possibly becoming one some day.
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