Lovey dovey crap

Love has all different forms. Different timings too. Some take time, they are slow and long lasting, sometimes changing its form. Some loves are fast and passionate and die off quickly. Some can be slow and passionate and last for all time. I have felt some of these loves. I have felt a love for a boy that was never meant to be, that changed into a dear, dear love, like the love of a dear friend. True love is so hard to find. If you have it, never let it go. I believe some day I will find this love. It is very painful to feel love for someone when they love someone else. What hurts more is seeing someone you love being hurt by someone whom they love. 

Some people search their whole lives for love, but never find it. They are never satisfied, always heart broken because they give their hearts and love to the wrong people. Maybe some are doomed to never find love. Some don’t even want to find love. 

There are those lucky few who find love. And I wish love to all those helpless romantics out there! Be patient, sometimes it takes a while to find the right one. 


About kayms2013

I'm passionate about God, and hope to travel with a purpose of helping missionaries and possibly becoming one some day.
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  1. So So crazy I just posted this!

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