What love is this?

God what love is this,
That knows no bounds?
Despite my failures and my trys,
You alone remain the same.
What heights of love,
what depth of forgiveness.
How could you ever look down at me,
and see someone worth redeeming?
Never in my life, could I ever do-
something worthy of you.
For all my works are as dirty rags,
yet even when I run to sin with open arms-
You are there.
Will you not smite me from this earth?
I do not fathom your wide expanse
of unconditional love.
What fate awaits me for my failures?
For surely there must be consequences.
I fear the future,
But yet I do not.
For I know that by grace alone I have been saved,
through faith.
You have redeemed me and will never,
not ever with you forsake me.
Thank you my Lord,
for teaching me to live for you.
Please teach me how to love,
that my life might be pleasing to you.
I do not wish to sin against your spirit,
and yet I do.
Woe to those who wish to be like me-
For I long to be like You, oh God.
My life is so full of sin,
God won’t you teach me to sin no more?
My heart is torn and I am conflicted.
For the flesh is waging war.
Against my very body-
Against my very soul.


About kayms2013

I'm passionate about God, and hope to travel with a purpose of helping missionaries and possibly becoming one some day.
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