Praise through the pain

And in my pain
I shall praise You.

As sure as the sun that rises,
So is Your love.
For the broken and heavy laden,
You remain as constant as the air.

As countless tears fill the sea,
You know why each one falls.
You hear the cry of our hearts,
In the weakest of moments.
Thank You for being strong,
Whenever we are weak.

My soul is heavy my God!
Won’t you show me Your face?
Wil You be my comforter,
Through the raging storm.
Do not desert me!
Nor my family,
When we need you the most.

You are God alone,
I know Your name.
You are;
Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim,
Messiah, Saviour, King of Kings!
Redeemer, Comforter, Healer.
Worthy of every honour and praise.


About kayms2013

I'm passionate about God, and hope to travel with a purpose of helping missionaries and possibly becoming one some day.
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