How do I rest in You?

Teach me how to rest in you,
To lean on you when I feel I’m drowning.
God I am crying out!
I am grasping at the wind,
Where is your face?
Are you far from me my God,
or is it my heart that is drifting?
I long to see your face my Lord.
God my life is in your hands,
Won’t you lead me on?
Please direct my path,
Because God I am sinking-
In a world who demands to know.
With every move I make,
They want to know three more.
God can you hear me?
My heart is screaming to you!
Be near to me I beg,
Teach me how to rest.
What does it mean to rest in you?
To stop fretting,
to grab onto the life preserver you offer?
Lord hold onto me as I sink!
Deep in the depths of the ocean I’d be,
if you were not by my side.
Permit me I ask though I am a woman of unclean lips,
to lean heavy on you.
God can you just carry me, Father?
Abba, I feel overwhelmed,
How do I trust you?
When I just want to sit and drown,
In this sea of complicity.
My lungs fill with water,
As I try to do this on my own.
You remind me to take one day at a time,
So God here I am-
Will you be my rest in the wilderness?
Please fill my heart,
Only with you, my God.


About kayms2013

I'm passionate about God, and hope to travel with a purpose of helping missionaries and possibly becoming one some day.
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One Response to How do I rest in You?

  1. i need to take one day at a time. I pray everyday if I miss one day I begin to scream inside as I feel distant from my Lord and my God. I will pray for you. bless You

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