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I'm passionate about God, and hope to travel with a purpose of helping missionaries and possibly becoming one some day.

I want a Heart like Yours

My heart is deceitful, You told me this truthfully. Because my lips say send me, When my heart is stone cold in its way. Yes, I have compassion for the masses, But when I’m face to face I’m lacking. My … Continue reading

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Have you ever experienced this?

Have you ever experienced this? After laboring in prayer over a decision, you finally take the leap. Knowing that alas, no audible voice from the Lord is coming. Simply His steady reassurance of the words “trust Me”. The Lord wants … Continue reading

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Change. It is a simple six letter word; simple, easy to say. It is a word that floats out of our mouths quite frequently. Change. We think about it, we see it in other peoples lives, some love it while … Continue reading

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Waves of Life

Lord teach my heart, To stay on You. When the waves of life, Keep rolling by- They never seem to stop. The waves keep crashing, No time to breathe, Just hold my breath As another rolls by. My God You … Continue reading

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Rejoicing in Triumph!

I have been learning something so simple, yet ground breaking here at Bible college. It just about knocked me on my butt when I realized the truth of what my teacher spoke. It was like, I must have heard this … Continue reading

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How do I rest in You?

Teach me how to rest in you, To lean on you when I feel I’m drowning. God I am crying out! I am grasping at the wind, Where is your face? Are you far from me my God, or is … Continue reading

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You are my all, Lord

Lord teach my heart, I am prone to wonder God, From your steadfastness, to walk away from your truth. What do I search for? What could I find, That would ever fulfill this heart of mine? Nothing but you Jesus, … Continue reading

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