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Waves of Life

Lord teach my heart, To stay on You. When the waves of life, Keep rolling by- They never seem to stop. The waves keep crashing, No time to breathe, Just hold my breath As another rolls by. My God You … Continue reading

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Steady Rock

Emotions swirl inside of me, Like a tornado spinning out of control. I am elated- filled from the tips of my toes to the tips of my hair. My heart rejoices greatly, at the many blessings pouring out around me. … Continue reading

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Life of a beggar

She was born into a world Far different from your own. A world of torn clothes, Mud smeared hands, Broken finger nails. This is the world Sara was born into. She didn’t ask for this life. But in this cruel … Continue reading

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My heart sighs

Oh how my heart is longing, For the type of love that is long lasting. The one that is true and honest, A fearless abandon surrounded in bubble wrap. Because the truth is…. I am a little scared of falling … Continue reading

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Send me

Oh God, hear my plea, On behalf of the lost I beg, Won’t you send me? Oh God, you know the desires of my heart, I long to reach the ones who live in darkness, Won’t you send me? Oh … Continue reading

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I feel it in the air choking me out thick like a paste lethal as venom It rises like the sea Invading my lungs Like a toxin…. I feel stuck As though their mind-set Is suddenly set in stone And … Continue reading

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Endless wonder

I gaze upward To the sky filled with endless wonder. Trillions of burning lights And a glorious moon shinning for all to admire. Such true beauty is so pure, Innocent. Rare. Cherished. What would it be like- To be a … Continue reading

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