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Life of a beggar

She was born into a world Far different from your own. A world of torn clothes, Mud smeared hands, Broken finger nails. This is the world Sara was born into. She didn’t ask for this life. But in this cruel … Continue reading

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My heart sighs

Oh how my heart is longing, For the type of love that is long lasting. The one that is true and honest, A fearless abandon surrounded in bubble wrap. Because the truth is…. I am a little scared of falling … Continue reading

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All at once and yet slowly

All at once and yet slowly, before the world awakes, Liquid streams of gold filter through the leaves, dancing in the branches for anyone to see. the wind is alive- swirling and spinning it crashes the trees like a tumbling … Continue reading

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Like none other

What can I do but serve you? Oh God who fulfils my needs. How could I offer, Less than all I am? To the God who sent His son. My Jesus you gave everything, suffered and died on that tree. … Continue reading

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Find peace in Jesus Christ

There can be many things that can discourage us Christians. Unsaved family, struggling friendships or relationships, mocking, betrayal… I love that God has laid out for us in His word (the Bible) what our life on this world may hold. … Continue reading

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I am screaming on the top of my lungs, but no words leave my mouth. So sprinting I try to get to you! but suddenly, you are gone. I look into your eyes and see your soul leaking out until … Continue reading

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Send me

Oh God, hear my plea, On behalf of the lost I beg, Won’t you send me? Oh God, you know the desires of my heart, I long to reach the ones who live in darkness, Won’t you send me? Oh … Continue reading

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